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Working table by Josef Frank by Josef Frank for sale

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Item Description

Made in the 1940/50's in Mahogany with brass details.

Item Details

Eras: 1900s / 20th century

Styles: Mid-Century, Scandinavian Style

Materials: Metals, Wood, Brass, Mahogany

Measurements: 72.5 x 132.0 x 46.0 CM (H x W x D) Change Unit

Quantity: 1

Design History

Designer: Josef Frank (Austria , 1885 - 1967 )

Maker: Svenskt Tenn AB (Sweden)  

Moderna Möbelklassiker at Deconet Dealer

Moderna Möbelklassiker

Address: Rönnströms väg 1 , 226 50 Lund , Sweden

Phone: +46 705 131325


Opening hours: Tuesday - Friday 3-6 pm, Saturdays 11-3 pm. Or by appointment.

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Josef Frank at Deconet

Josef Frank Austrian born Josef Frank emigrated to Sweden in 1934, where he worked for the Svenskt Tenn design company until his death. His work is closely identified with the Swedish Modern aesthetic that emerged in 1930s and was widely admired in the decades following the Second World War. Before the First World War he worked on architecture and interiors including the interior of the Museum of East Asian Art in Cologne in 1910. After the war he entered academic life, becoming Professor of Building Design at the Wiener Kunstgewerbeschule in 1919, a post he held until 1925. From 1921 to 1924 he worked alongside Peter Behrens, Josef Hoffmann, Oskar Straad, and Oskar Wlach on the design of Viennese apartment buildings and, in the following year, founded the Haus und Garten interior design firm. Most of his work in the later 1920s and early 1930s was centred on private and public housing, the most high profile of these projects being the design of a two-family home for the celebrated Deutscher Werkbund housing exhibition at Stuttgart in 1927.


Svenskt Tenn AB at Deconet

Svenskt Tenn AB Svenskt Tenn was founded by the enterprising and creative designer Estrid Ericson. Together with the Austrian architect Josef Frank she created some of 1900's biggest design classics. Svenskt Tenn sold initially only tin objects, but expanded in 1930 the range to include an interior department. In 1932, the cooperation with the Austrian architect and designer Josef Frank began, which lasted as long as he lived. He became one of Svenskt Tenns main designers. With Josef Frank, the Swedish homes began to blossom with colorful textiles and light elegant furniture.


Working table by Josef Frank for sale at Deconet

Working table by Josef Frank. Made in the 1940/50's in Mahogany with brass details.