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Designed by Ole Wanscher and produced by P.Jeppesen. by Ole Wanscher for sale

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Item Description

Pair of high back easy chairs in teak designed by Ole Wanscher and produced by P.Jeppesens møbelfabrik, Denmark.

Item Details

Styles: Mid-Century, Scandinavian Style

Quantity: 2

Condition: Fair Condition / Some Wear

Design History

Designer: Ole Wanscher (Denmark , 1903 - 1985 )

Maker: P. Jeppesens Møbelfabrik (Denmark)  

ReModern at Deconet Dealer


Address: , 2610 Copenhagen , Denmark

Phone: +45 21 70 87 92


Opening hours: By appointment

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Ole Wanscher at Deconet

Ole Wanscher Ole Wanscher turned to the classic forms and reinvented them for modern times and means. He was a student of Kaare Klint, and later followed in his footsteps as Professor at the Furniture School at the Royal Academy in Copenhagen. Throughout his career Wanscher designed a number of elegant pieces in traditional materials that adopted modernism's interest in mass-producing furniture that was affordable to a large percentage of people. Following his craftsman's love of perfection, he also produced several luxury designs in limited editions. Wanscher came to the study of furniture design on trips through Egypt and Europe with his father who was researching the history of fine arts. In addition to the Egyptian furniture, Wanscher was heavily inspired by English period furniture, Greek and Chinese furniture. Along with other designers, like Finn Juhl and Børge Mogensen, Wanscher was developing the technique of the 'unsupported arm,' which gave the seat and back a somewhat unhinged and even animated quality and was used on this chair. He also designed a 1951 rocking chair for France and Søn with a curved, organic profile and a square rocking base. A 1960 folding 'Egyptian Stool,' mimicked the shape of a 3,000 year old stool, a form he probably came across on his early travels. In 1962 he designed a more luxurious chair in rare Brazilian rosewood, with a woven horsehair seat, reminiscent of a 1959 rosewood and leather armchair and ottoman for P. Jeppesen. It was produced in two versions, with and without armrests.


P. Jeppesens Møbelfabrik at Deconet

P. Jeppesens Møbelfabrik Now P.J. Furniture A/S, formerly P.Jeppesen Møbelfabrik A/S, makes danish quality design furniture. Through the years, P.J.Furniture A/S has co-operated with many architects, among others, Grete Jalk, Professor Ole Wanscher , Hans Olsen, Professor Wilhelm Wohlert, Gorm Lindum, Jørgen Posborg, Troels Grum-Schwensen and Morten Gøttler.


Pair of teak highback easy chairs. by Ole Wanscher for sale at Deconet

Pair of teak highback easy chairs. by Ole Wanscher. Pair of high back easy chairs in teak designed by Ole Wanscher and produced by P.Jeppesens møbelfabrik, Denmark.