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PP 503 The chair by Hans J. Wegner for sale

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Item Description

Two pieces, on one chair there is one small spot on the leather. Production date: 2005 and 2006.
A piece 2500,-- euro.

Item Details

Eras: 1900s / 20th century

Styles: Mid-Century, Scandinavian Style

Materials: Wood, Cover, Leather

Quantity: 2

Design History

Designer: Hans J. Wegner (Denmark , 1914 - 2007 )

Design year: 1949

Maker: PP Møbler (Denmark)  

De Compaen at Deconet Dealer

De Compaen

Address: Oude Kijk in t Jatstraat 59 , 9712EE Groningen , Netherlands

Phone: +31 503125916


Opening hours: Wed/Thurs/Fri 13.00-17.30 Sat 11.00-17.30

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Hans J. Wegner at Deconet

Hans J. Wegner Hans J. Wegner must be considered as one of the most influential designers of the 20th century. Wegner has become a worldwide icon, particularly famous for his influence on Danish furniture design. Son of a shoe-maker in southern Jutland, Wegner began his long career at the age of 14. Over the years, he designed over 500 chairs with many different wood types and styles. His style is based on clean, simple lines and to Wegner a chair was an artwork as much as a functional object. One of his well-known philosophies was that a chair should be beautiful from every angle and that it should not have a backside. Though Wegner designed for series production, all of his work bears the stamp of the traditionally trained craftsman. Wegner's most famous chairs are the "Peacock", the "Y-chair", and "The Chair" which was used by Kennedy and Nixon in their famous CBS TV debate of 1960. Most of his designs were produced by Johannes Hansen, Fritz Hansen or PP Möbler, some of which are still in production today.


Johannes Hansen at Deconet

Johannes Hansen The Danish furniture manufacturer Johannes Hansen produced a number of furniture between 1940´s-1970´s. While there has been no production since then, several pieces have appeared in high-end auctions during recent years; their beauty and rarity have kept prices high. An important part of Johannes Hansen's success has been based on the fruitful cooperation with Hans J. Wegner, which was initiated in 1940. In 1941 the first peices of furniture designed by Wegner were displayed in Johannes Hansen's store in Bredgade 65 in central Copenhagen. Johannes Hansen was more than twice as old as the 26 year old Wegner but the unique collaboration between the two became the undisputed backbone of Danish furniture design and the main reason for its worldwide recognition in the fifties and sixties. The Copenhagen Museum of Art and Industry acquired the first Wegner chair in 1942. In 1944 Wegner designed for Johannes Hansen the first of a long series of 'chinese' chairs, a series of chairs inspired by portraits of Danish merchants sitting in Ming chairs. Another of his famous designs, the Peacock chair, was first introduced in 1947. The chair was manufactured for a very long time by Johannes Hansen, but was later picked up and resumed by PP Møbler in 1992, as Wegner had upgraded the basic design in the late 1980's.


The chair, round chair, runde stol by Hans J. Wegner for sale at Deconet

The chair, round chair, runde stol by Hans J. Wegner. Danish master craftsman Hans J. Wegner believed that a chair should be made well enough to last at least 50 years. His iconic The Chair may be the ultimate expression of that philosophy. Wegner never named his chairs. The first was called number 1, the second number 2, and so on. Wegner designed more than 500 chairs during his career, and the reason why some of them carry a name, is because of the producers and clients. Number 501 or "the round one" as Wegner himself called it, was first exhibited in 1949. One year later it was shown on the cover of the American magazine Interiors, who refered to it as the world's most beautiful chair. The clean wood design is stripped to its bare essentials, a sculptural semicircle resting on four tapered legs with a cane or leather seat suspended between them. The empty space that separates the back from the seat, gives the piece an elegance and economy of form that results in greater comfort, not less. In 1960, the TV company CBS bought twelve copies of the chair for the first live broadcast of an election debate; between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon. It was Kennedy who requested this chair, he wanted a comfortable chair for his aching back. 70 million people watched the Wegner chair on live broadcast and it was even mentioned in the newspaper election reports the day after. Afterwards the CBS manager, donated the twelve chairs to the Smithsonian Institute.