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Lot 172: Poul Henningsen Pair of wall sconces by Poul Henningsen for sale

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Item Description

Lot 172: Poul Henningsen Pair of wall sconces Copper Louis Poulsen designed 1967 Model no. 1/2/3 Each 18" diameter

Item Details

Styles: Mid-Century, Scandinavian Style

Quantity: 1

Design History

Designer: Poul Henningsen (Denmark , 1894 - 1967 )

Design year: 1967

Maker: Louis Poulsen (Denmark)  

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Poul Henningsen at Deconet

Poul Henningsen Danish architect Poul Henningsen, known by his initials, PH was obsessed with light. He is the legendary creator of the lighting series carrying his name. He can be said to be the worlds first lighting architect. Poul Henningsen devoted his entire career to investigating the importance of light for our well being. He worked on the theory that the observer should not be subjected to direct glare from the electric light source. Henningsen used a series of layered shades to both spread the light and conceal the light bulb, thus creating a softer more diffused lighting. One of Denmark's major figures in 20th-century lighting design, Henningsen was also an independent architect, designer of theatre interiors and tubular steel furniture, critic, and editor of the magazine Kritisk Revy (Critical Review). Highly critical of the widespread lack of imagination in domestic lighting in Copenhagen, Henningsen came to prominence with the first of his multi-shade lamps designed in 1924, setting the pattern for his subsequent lighting work. Known as the Paris Lamp (and later as the PH lamp) it won a competition for a light fitting for the Paris Exposition des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels of 1925, where he was awarded a Gold Medal, and was put into production by the Danish lighting manufacturer Louis Poulsen. Henningsen's design principles were based on the scientific analysis of the ways in which lampshades distribute light, glare, and reflection. The PH lampshades were composed of a series of separate, interleaved elements that gently diffused the light throughout the space in which it was situated as well as directing it downwards.


Louis Poulsen at Deconet

Louis Poulsen For over 70 years, Louis Poulsen have cooperated with forward-looking designers and architects to produce innovative lighting solutions for private homes and publice buildings. The unique design, craftsmanship and the high quality of Louis Poulsen's lightings is highly appreciated and the products can be found in several projects around the whole world. The revolutionary philosophy of Poul Henningsen, the productive creator of several ingenious lighting solutions, as well as a close cooperation with other architects and designers has consolidated Louis Poulsen's knowledge over the years. Many of their products have already become "works of art or classics" not only due to their design, but also due to their unique, unusual, distinctive and exceptional light control. In 1926, Poul Henningsen designed the first versions of the renowned lamp series PH. These shadow-free lamps became popular both in the home as in public places.