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tripod floorlamp - vienna for sale

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Item ID: 407248

Item Description

tripod floorlamp,
Vienna 1950.
laquered metal, cane, three bulbs,
wickerwork shade and middlegrip.
height 160cm.

Item Details

Eras: 1500s / 16th century, 1950s

Styles: Residential

Materials: Metals, Lacquered metal

Quantity: 1

Condition: Fair Condition / Some Wear

Design History

Designer: Unknown designer

Zeitloos at Deconet Dealer


Address: Kirchengasse 44 , 1070 Vienna , Austria

Phone: +43 (676) 524 1956


Opening hours: Mon-Fri 2pm-6pm, Sat 9am-12am CET

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