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Item ID: 291513

Item Description

Signed, oroginal manufacturer´s label, perfect condition

Item Details

Styles: Scandinavian Style

Materials: Glass, Glass

Measurements: 25.0 x x CM (H x W x D) Change Unit

Quantity: 1

Condition: Excellent Condition

Design History

Designer: Vicke Lindstrand (Sweden , 1904 - 1983 )

Maker: Kosta Boda (Sweden)  

Michaela Bauer Vintage Interiors at Deconet Dealer

Michaela Bauer Vintage Interiors

Address: Operngasse 32 , 1040 Vienna , Austria

Phone: +43 676 5254407


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Vicke Lindstrand at Deconet

Vicke Lindstrand Legendary Swedish designer Vicke Lindstrand began his career at glass manufacturers Orrefors in 1928, were he worked independently alongside Edward Hald and Simon Gate. He made his debut as designer at the Stockholm World Fair in 1930, where he presented twelve glass vases with enamel decor in exotic patterns. For this, he received great attention from international design publications. Lindstrand added new artistic dimensions to the already famous Orrefors glass with his unique designs and revitalization of classic forms and techniques. During his time at Orrefors he worked on engraved glass and Graal vases. With sculptor Edvin Öhrström he developed the new Ariel technique. Orrefors could not afford to keep Lindstrand during the war and between 1943 and 1950 he became creative leader at Uppsala Ekeby, where he designed many different stoneware objects ranging from pots to figural sculptures. After this brief flirt with ceramics he went back to glass at Kosta in the 1950´s, now as a mature artist. He was the dominant artist at the factory and made numerous classic vases there. At Kosta, Lindstrand started to use more colours in his glass designs. From this period he leaves icons such as "Trees in the Fog" and "Autumn". Lindstrand was also a skilled textile and graphic designer and kept on working as a painter throughout his lengthy career.


Kosta Boda at Deconet

Kosta Boda Kosta Boda was founded in 1742 by two county governors, Ander Koskull and Georg Bogislaus Staël von Holstein in the area now known as the Kingdom of Crystal in the deep forests of Småland in Sweden. It is the oldest glassworks in Sweden which still produces timeless and high quality glass. Kosta Boda stands for innovative design with a personal touch. Designers are creating both beauty and art appliances that will be exhibited and sold throughout the world. Kosta Boda has maintained its historic charm and their traditional practices while developing modern techniques that broaden the designer's expression. Several well-known designers are working with a wide range of objects such as beverage and plate of china, vases and bowls. The colorful and artistic glass are sold and displayed continuously at galleries and museums around the world, often in the presence of the artist himself. Artists, amongst others, working with Kosta Boda are Olle Broz, Anna Ehrner, Kjell Engman, Ulrica Hydman-Vallien, Bertil Vallien, Wärff Goran, Åsa Jungnelius and Louis Löfgren.