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Sideboard by Bodil Kjaer by Bodil Kjaer for sale

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Item ID: 314582

Item Description

des. Bodil Kjaer,
suite serie,
prod. Pedersen and son.
Denmark 1960.

Item Details

Eras: 1900s / 20th century

Styles: Mid-Century, Scandinavian Style

Materials: Metals, Wood, Chromed steel, Rosewood/Palisander

Quantity: 1

Condition: Excellent Condition

Design History

Designer: Bodil Kjaer (Denmark , 1932 - )

Maker: E. Pedersen & Søn (Denmark)  

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Address: Kirchengasse 44 , 1070 Vienna , Austria

Phone: +43 (676) 524 1956


Opening hours: Mon-Fri 2pm-6pm, Sat 9am-12am CET

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Freestanding sideboard  by Bodil Kjaer for sale at Deconet

Freestanding sideboard by Bodil Kjaer. Freestanding sideboard of wengé. Legs of chromed steel. Made by cabinetmaker E. Pedersen & Søn. H. 63 cm. D. 45 cm. L. 185 cm.